Flying Colors Aviation was established in 1996 and incorporated in 1998. The founder, Ken Kaminski, graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Aviation and Applied Science. For the next four years, Ken worked in general aviation and as a mechanic for United Airlines. In 1995, Ken left the airlines to pursue a career in engineering specializing in painting equipment. He is responsible for the design and efficiencies of several paint systems in Fortune 100 manufacturing facilities globally.
Although Ken left the airlines, his love for aviation continued. As a pilot, he was continuously around general aviation. It was in summer 1996 that he was approached by a friend to participate in a project of painting a plane. The two friends backed the plane into the T-hangar and eagerly jumped on the project. After an entire summer and a whole lot of sweat and tears, the project was completed and the plane looked pretty good. Ken thought to himself "well that was a lot of work, but it wouldn't have been so bad if we just had a better way to strip the paint off."
The following summer, Ken bought himself an airplane that of course, was in need of a paint job. Being persistent and determined to improve, he jumped right into this project. Three months later he was admiring his second completed paint job. He thought to himself "man that was a lot of work but it would have been a little better if we just had a spray booth." The following summer, taking his interests to an entrepreneurial level, Ken leased a building at the Southwest Michigan Regional Airport and converted an airplane hangar into a makeshift paint booth. What initially began as a hobby, took on a life and dream of its own. By the end of the summer Flying Colors Aviation Inc. was founde

Over the course of the next twelve years, Flying Colors Aviation consistently grew. At first it was only Ken and his ambition. A few years later along came some part time help shortly after that the first full time employee. Never losing sight of how things got started Flying Colors Aviation continued to improve with each project they took on. Over the course of the next several years the number of projects grew as well as the number of employees.

Still striving to provide the highest level of service, it soon became apparent that larger facility would be needed. In 2007 Flying Colors Aviation built a brand new state of the art 13,000 square foot aircraft finishing facility.
Today with our new facility and five full time employees Flying Colors Aviation has the experience, equipment, and man power that it takes to complete your project on time and on budget.