Our facility was designed from the ground up with one focus in mind. "Painting Airplanes." Our shop provides some very important features that help us deliver quality.
Upgrades like Radiant heated floors, provide a superior condition for painting. Using Radiant heat there is much less dust and air born dirt. Less dust and dirt in the air means a better paint job for you.
Our spray booth is a true paint booth. This is not a converted hanger with exposed trusses or other dirt traps. This is a true automotive quality paint bake booth. The paint booth is capable of going to 140 degrees in about 3 minutes. This option allows us to force dry the paint on your aircraft again providing a cleaner better finish for you.
The paint booth also boasts some impressive airflow data. The air make-up unit supplies 30,000 CFM of air to the booth. At this rate 100 percent of the air is turned over every 90 seconds, providing a clean overspray free enviroment.
The air is filtered three times as it moves through the paint area. Moving this much air during the winter months requires a lot of heat. The air handling unit has a 3.5 million BTU furnace built in. This equipment allows Flying Colors to deliver the exact same quality year round, regardless of outdoor conditions.
With our 13,000 square foot facility and 3,000 square foot painting booth, no project is too large OR too small.